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Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting for BMW

If you have a BMW model with dual swing arms,Lunasee's Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting kits should install with the included bracket hardware. Please refer to the Fitment information on the
Support page of our website for more information and understanding.

If however, your BMW has a single-sided swingarm, you may need a model specific bracket or custom bracket to mount the LEDpods on the side of your rear wheel with no swing arm. Please contact Lunasee Tech Support at techsupport@lunasee.com or call us at 252-353-4354 x2 and let us know which model you have, and we can advise you on the appropriate bracket for your bike.

If Lunasee does not have model specific brackets for your situation, you can either purchase a one wheel kit and install only on the front wheel, or purchase a two wheel kit and install on the front and only one side of the rear wheel (only 3 sides will glow). We do have customers that have chosen these options when necessary.

If you have a BMW and are unsure, we recommend you email us with your specific model and year to techsupport@lunasee.com or call us at 252-353-4354 x2. and we can assist you with the right brackets for your bike.

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